Need a winter face cream for cold oceanic weather, suggestions ?

  1. It´s november and I´m starting to fear again the winter for my skin.
    I have been living in Denmark for 5 years and every winter my skin seems to age so fast.
    I have a combination skin, that -in winter- goes dry on the cheeks, peeling, and red with pimples reaction.
    I am 28 and looking for a first anti aging cream that protects from a winter weather that is all about darkness, rain, wind and cold (-5 celcius). It´s just that the constant humidity makes it feel so much colder. gggrrrr.

    I guess some of you live in the same weather conditions.

    (I have special offers on Clinique and Estee Lauder, but any brand is welcome)
  2. I use clinique superdefense, which is supposed to protect your skin from the elements has has SPF25. it's very thick and moisurising. They also have the repairwear I\ve never used it but I've heard they have night creams which might help renew your skin from the day's exposure.
  3. Ok thanks, I'm actually really tempted by Repairwear (day version)!! since it also has anti-oxydants and other stuffs that are supposed to boost collagen.
    It has very good ratings on french site (ciao) but not on

    The other ones I'm considering are -Elizabeth Arden (can't remember the name, they have a special XMas pack with 8 hour hand cream) BUT it's purely hydrating/de stressing/protecting, no anti oxydants.

    - Dermalogica, smoothing cream

    -Clarins Multi active.

    Have you tried them ?
  4. I've only used the Elizabeth Arden range breifly. I got some sort of bonus pack when I bought some 8 hour cream. It was so-so and I wasn't tempted to buy it.

    I've never used clarins skin care.