need a wine suggestion

  1. iv been watching a tv show called Oz and james big wine adventure. its about 2 TV presenters from the UK who went on a californian wine tour. i really want to try a nice red zinfandel but dont know where to start. and vineyard suggestions?
  2. I'm not a big wine connossieur (sp?) so I wouldn't be able to give you any tips but I know Wine Spectator magazine's latest issue has the top 100 wines list or something...maybe you can check it out? :smile:
  3. Not a zinfandel, but the absolutely yummiest moderately priced red wine I've ever tasted: Rosenblum Syrah 2004, Vintner's Cuvee.
  4. Not a big zinfandel fan....


    if you ever chanced to come to MD, try the Boordy's vineyard and their Reislings (Chicken/seafood), Syrah (Ribeye), Sangria (you can just add fruit to that) and JazzBerry (Asian fusion)are TDF:drool::drool::drool:!!! Boordy's is our big summer wine for DH and me and we get them by the cases every time; they are inexpensive and great wine to have plus carry real punch.

    I also am in love with a Toscana "Super" (I think that is what it is called) Tuscany Red Italian wine (2002 Vintage I remember but who/from where I don't) (My DH got a 1/2 case of that for last Christmas and gave away a bunch), and the most inexpensive bottle of Renuite Lambrusco (awesome with salmon) which I always paired with as one of my primo date dish with DH (BF at that point). Oh and I also like Pinot Noir (all kinds) with pasta dishes.

    My favourite :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:of all time dessert wine will have to be from Canada... their TDF Inniskillin Cabernet Franc Ice Wine (fell in love with it when my brother from SG ordered 150 cases to ship back to SG and I received my very first bottle), great with soft dessert cheese and chocolate.

    And yeah... I am a closet "Elki" (alcoholic) lol!
  5. Usually, the rule of thumb for Zinfandel is to buy wines that start with 'R'. I kid you not, almost all of them are good: Ravenswood, Rombauer, Rosenblum...
  6. I normally like whites but my friend (who loves reds) raved about a wine called Sin Zin. I googled it - it is from Alexander Valley. that is all I know. :smile:
  7. Ravenswood and Sin Zin are good ones with a nice price tag... in the states they are usually under $12.00... If you want to spend more try Ridge... delicious!