need a wallet w/lots of CC slots, leather, under $100...suggestions?

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  1. Im thinking of the HH one on Lunaboston....any other ideas? i dont really care about color, just dont prefer the zip around kind
  2. I have a Kate Spade Jane Street Remy -- and this is the only one that has enough spaces for my credit cards and plenty of bill-length slots. It has a flap/button, not zippered... I LOVE this one and I consider it well worth the money as I have gone through SO many wallets looking for the "right" one....

    Good luck!
  3. I see a lot of Kenneth Cole leather wallets at Ross and TJ Maxx for extremely cheap. Even the carries them. I need a new wallet and still haven't decided on one.
  4. Which HH wallet are you looking at on the Luna Boston site? I don't see one for less than $100. I am also looking for the perfect wallet.
  5. Its not under 100, which is why Im still looking lol (but there is a code to get it a bit lower....grechen)
  6. I think you can get some pretty cute wallets at for under $100. I got a squishy Linea Pelle one there (but it is a zip around) and I am currently eyeing up some Hype wallets they have in stock now. It's worth a look!