Need a Wallet - LV- please advise


Nov 1, 2006
My old wallet (a no-name) is coming apart at the seams. I'll list what I usually carry in my wallet, so if someone can please help me with a style I'd be really grateful

I have
  • 4 credit cards
  • Driver's license
  • library card (2)
  • student ID
  • medical insurance card (2)
  • dental insurance card (2)
  • store card
  • coins
  • currency bills
(no, i don't have the kitchen sink :smile:)
how about the Koala wallet? it has 9 credit card slots, a bill compartment an ID window and a change compartment. plus the button closure is so cute

A zippy wallet holds 12 cc, separate zip coin, paper, 2 hidden, and 2 gussetted compartments. Holds ton of stuff and zips closes.

Koala is my favorite right now and fits a ton of stuff. I don't carry coins and use the zip compartment for valuables.
I've had my pochette wallet for a while and it fits a ton!:nuts: Mine is the old style with only two CC slots in the front and four inside the wallet but I hear a newer version of the pochette wallet comes with four in the front and four inside. I usually double my cards per card slots so it fits quite a bit!