Need a Wallet - LV- please advise

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  1. My old wallet (a no-name) is coming apart at the seams. I'll list what I usually carry in my wallet, so if someone can please help me with a style I'd be really grateful

    I have
    • 4 credit cards
    • Driver's license
    • library card (2)
    • student ID
    • medical insurance card (2)
    • dental insurance card (2)
    • store card
    • coins
    • currency bills
    (no, i don't have the kitchen sink :smile:)
  2. are all your card credit card shaped?

    Then you'll need a wallet with lots of card spaces.. hmm let me have a look..
  3. Yes, all my cards are credit card shaped/size.
  4. how about the Koala wallet? it has 9 credit card slots, a bill compartment an ID window and a change compartment. plus the button closure is so cute

  5. ^ yep the koala wallet is fab, it also comes in Multicolor, vernis, monogram and maybe damier also ..
  6. I'd say good ol' reliable Porte Tresor International or the Pochette Wallet:yes: . But I guess I'm boring:P
  7. I second that- The PTI is definately my favorite!
  8. I'm getting this, I DEFINETLY recommend it! :biggrin:
  9. the new pti and pochette wallets hold 10 c/cards :smile:
    you might consider one of those.


    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]8 cards there and 2 on the front where it folds.
  10. A zippy wallet holds 12 cc, separate zip coin, paper, 2 hidden, and 2 gussetted compartments. Holds ton of stuff and zips closes.

    Koala is my favorite right now and fits a ton of stuff. I don't carry coins and use the zip compartment for valuables.
  11. Hi, Medhavini! I vote for the PTI, too!

    OT, I'm technically not supposed to be here...feeling sick lately...
  12. I live and die for my PTI. It's a total workhorse.
  13. how about the lv credit card holder? it looks cool! and it's only $125. don't remember the name. i keep coming close to buying one, then i remember i only carry cash.:love:
  14. I've had my pochette wallet for a while and it fits a ton!:nuts: Mine is the old style with only two CC slots in the front and four inside the wallet but I hear a newer version of the pochette wallet comes with four in the front and four inside. I usually double my cards per card slots so it fits quite a bit!
  15. my vote is for the french purse in azur...perfect size and fits nicely in your hand =)