Need a twilly scarf ring - what are my options?

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  1. This season I fell in love with the Twilly. Now I need a scarf ring for it.

    I don't like the "Chain d'Ancre" mini rings in the bright neon colors that they sell in boxes of 3 - these are too trendy and teenage for me. I saw one in gunmental grey and didn't like that one either.

    Something about the rounded edges and "chubby-ness" of Chain d'Ancre is corrupting the look i am going for. I need to find a really thin scarf ring/fastener in yellow gold that looks really sophisticated and not trendy. Does H make such a thing?

    What are our options for Twilly scarf rings besides Chain d'Ancre?
  2. For my Twillys I use vintage (non-Hermes) belt buckles that I find at antique stores. They are thin and flat and work really well with Twillys. You can find them at antique shops that have big bins of buttons and notions. I've found them all over and collect them. :flowers:
  3. Here's a pic...

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  4. crochetbella I like smaller flat thinner pieces to for my twils!
    Twill Seeker, enjoy!
  5. Ahhh! These are exactly what I need until I can decide which "H" scarf ring to get! I've been debating back & forth for months now. (I need something that will work with both a carre & pochette.) So, would Goodwill or someplace similar most likely have these belts? :yes:
  6. Thanks, crochetbella, that is exactly what i had in mind: a square belt buckle. Now i need to find one with thin, gold hardware. The hunt begins........
  7. I looked on Ebay, and if you put in a search for "bakelite belt buckle" you will come up with listings for many wonderful "scarf rings" in all shapes, sizes & colors. :P These will hold me over until I decide on which H scarf ring to buy. :okay:
  8. You can also use a large (men's) ring. Size 10 or 11 rings can work well.
  9. Beautiful rings corchetbella, I think H has some little cute twilly ring too. Can't remember the name but they are alway three in a set.
  10. In January 2009, only Sallas and Chicago had the twilly ring sets left. I know some of us were able to get them through Chicago. You might want to call them. Good Luck!
  11. How about these?


  12. Those are the ones! Sorry for the typo above, I meant to say DALLAS and Chicago had the sets that dou.dou is showing....
  13. Thanks for this great tip crochetbella! :flowers:
  14. ^^^ just spotted dou.dou's rings - the pastel ones look delicious! :drool:
  15. ITA :drool::drool::drool:

    I've been looking for those twilly scarf rings as well. Are they still available or have they been discontinued?