Need a me decide!


GST or Modern Chain Tote?

  1. GST

  2. MC Tote

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  1. Black GST with SH or Modern Chain Tote??....I am loving the MC, but also worry about it not being as timeless as the GST....which bag will I still love in 5 years?
  2. GST!!!


    enjoy the pics...
  3. Definitely the GST!
  4. Another vote for the GST
  5. while i think the MC totes are great bags, i've never quite gotten to love the look of the chain. I definitely prefer the GST, if you're after something timeless, it has to be it!
  6. I vote for the GST
  7. I think the GST is a classic that you will always love.
  8. Which MC tote are you considering? I personally like the styling of the NS tote better than the if you're thinking about the NS, I would go for that vs. the GST (I tried and tried to like it for myself, but it was just too boxy).
  9. Another vote for GST - it's timeless. And isn't the modern chain kinda heavy even empty? :confused1:

  10. I was thinking the the look. I have to look through the reference thread to see what the NS looks like.
  11. GST :tup:
  12. I love the look of the MC e/w tote. I think it's chic, yet edgy. :yes:
  13. GST too! but if the non-closure of the bag bothers you [it bothers me!], then you should get the MC tote instead.
  14. I picked the GST. I like this bag more b/c it has structure to it. The other tote is very nice too.

    The only con that I can think of for the GST is that it's mostly open. Only one zipper compartment in the middle.

    I have the GST and I put my wallet in the zippered compartment.
  15. The GST didn't hold enough for me... and it doesn't really close. The middle part zippers and can hold a slim wallet, but that's it.

    I got the MC and love it. It holds everything I need.