Need a TODS expert to identify my new bag

  1. I bought this bag on eBay a month ago and love it! I think it must be and older bag and it really seems very well made. It is the same design as the Girelli, but does not say Tods on the hardware. It does say made in Italy inside and has a number. Does any one know how old this bag is and what it is called? It is 17x 12 ...Thanks in advance!

  2. Anyone have any ideas aboutwhat this bag is called and how old it is? Maybe I should ask the Tods company?
  3. It's gorgeous! I have only superficial knowledge of Tod's and I don't recognize this style. Probably your best bet is to call one of their stores and maybe a helpful SA will know or can find out. My few experiences in Tod's were good--SA's were very pleasant.

    Good luck.
  4. I think this is a girelli. Looks real to me.
  5. where does it say made in italy and where does it have a #

    i have that exact bag that i got from someone whom i know got it right from Tods so i know mine is 100% authentic and its doesnt seem to have as big bumps..
    but the lining isnt a light color,,,its dark

    and it does say made in italy but no #
    and im curious where in your bag is says those things let me know maybe i can help with comparing details from my bag,,,
    (pic of wher eit says made in italy and the # may help... )i mean maybe mine has a # and ive never found it,,, if your made in italy is like mine its veryyy hard to find :smile:

    here are pics:
  6. Wow! I can't believe how similar the bag looks. It is almost the same. I will take another pic of where the number is. I didn't even notice it either or the made in Italy until a week ago. The color looks the same for sure. I am so excited to get some feedback. I will put the pic up ASAP. thank you for the replies everyone!
  7. My bag is definitely more bumpy. I wonder what makes it that way? well here is the pic of the stamps
    the made in Italy is on the area above the zipper and the genuine leather and number is on the other end above the same zipper. It is the zipper on the bottom half of the pic
  8. holy ^^%# mine has a # too haha i never ever say it i saw the made in italy but never the # how funny! :smile:

    well i guess it is authentic too YAY im so happy for you awsome grab on eBay! :smile: i love this bag!!!!

    I wonder why its bumpier tho and a dif color lining, what is the # on yours i cant read it in the pic

    mine says,,,lets see if i can read it :smile: 63-07
  9. and it says tods on my little rings
    not the round thing that snaps into the rings, but the rings each say TODS on them,,,
  10. check your zippers do they say anything on the underside, like you know how Marc Jacobs uses RIRI or LAMPO zippers, check the underside of yours are they marked?
  11. wow!!! mine has 63-05... I wonder if they are made in that order? we are close....thank you so much for sharing...I love it to have some one to know about this!!
  12. haha me 2 :smile: how fun! so wait did you read the other Qs i wrote?
  13. I just looked under mine and it has Lampo zippers... I never knew that either or to look for it...thank you. I feel really positive that it is authetic for sure.
  14. and do your rings say tods?
  15. So , how long have you had your bag and what Tod's was it purchased at and what year?