NEED a TAN..!!!

  1. give it to me boys and girls...!!!:yahoo:

    i need to get tanned by the end of this month starting now for xmas and NYE!:party: so what should i go for?

    spray tan? pricey at $55 per spray, somebody will airbrush your body for you of course. But how long does it last? will i have to get it done every few days? how're the results? :shrugs:

    Tanning salon? cost around $50 for a package deal of 20 visits or something like that... more natural? maybe not? :confused1: too troublesome?

    any other alternatives?

    TIA everyone!! :flowers:
  2. hey! 1st off if you go tanning in a bed it will take longer for you to see color because its not the same as tanning in the will probally need about 4 or 5 tanning sessions to see color (i managed a tanning salon for 5 years)...unless you already have a base tan in which case you will tan quicker.

    2nd...since you are short on time i would get the spray tan and do it a couple days before you go so its in the fading stage so it looks more natural. just make sure when they spray you to ask if they use a brown base for the spray tanning product, it should last about 7 days depending on the product they use. This is something you would have to do again if you want to maintain the color. But if you only want it done for the holidays I would say maybe call them and see if they can do a test spot on you to make sure you like the color and then go and get your whole body sprayed.
    I had a wedding to go to last month and I went and got airbrushed a couple days before so it was starting to fade and it looked more natural.

    hope this helps!
  3. You can get a quicker tan in a more premium bed and if you use a lotion that has triple or quadruple bronzer (Revival or Spellbound by designer skin...awesome lotions) - if you want to continue tanning. I'm part Irish and have naturally pale skin and green eyes and the whole bit, and I go 3 times a week for 6 or 7 minutes (out of 11 min bed) when I want to look naturally sunkissed without much effort. If I want to be dark I go more often. if you only want to be tan for Christmas and NYE, then maybe the spray tan is your best way to go as you only go once and like the above poster said, it will fade slowly and you'll still look fine. After the holidays when you're all faded away and back to normal, nobody will be the wiser!
  4. Tanning beds are so bad for you, I would suggest spray tanning. If you want a cheaper alternative to airbrushing, Palm Beach Tans (not sure where you are located but I believe they have many locations in the US) Mystic Tan is really great. It comes out very even as long as you apply the blocking cream evenly to your feet and hands, and there are two levels of tan so you can go light if you want more natural. I do the dark one and it still looks quite nice. Not orange at all.
  5. Spray Tan is the best . I use to always get it done the name of it I forget now I'll think of it in a bit.. Sunfx I think its called :smile:

    I also love Fake Bake and Courant:heart:. ( Do it yourself tans ) There so easy to apply:tup:
  6. Tanning beds are so bad! Why would you risk skin cancer and wrinkles to be tan? Spray all the Way!
  7. hm... spray tan it is!! i've made the reservations already for a couple of days before nye :yes:. THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE ADVICE GIRLS!!!!!!!!!!! :tup:
  8. Let us know how it turns out!!!!! :smile:
    I may do the same thing cause I've been feeling a bit pasty, not the beautiful kind of pale....the icky kind :sad:
  9. Ok. No tanning beds,(causes cancer) and no spray tan ( messy and stains clothes and sheets)

    Try Loreal Glow. Its a everyday lotion with a pleasent smell that gradually gives you a really good tan. Its about 9.99 at drugs stores. Just make sure you exfoliate and moisturize.
  10. ^ BTW, it dosen't streak at all, if applied evenly.
  11. St Tropez fake tan lotion ..... beautiful end colour , simple to use as it doesn't streak. I literally smear it on in lines starting from my feet upwards and wait before showering , but you can sleep in it and yes it goes all over the bed sheets and is not the most romantic view for DH but the tan in the morning is fab :tup:
  12. Fake Bake!

    It's awesome, doesn't streak at ALL.:smile: