Need a tad bit of help! If you had a choice.....

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  1. Which would you choose and why? if you have time even just your top 3 would help. Thank you so much in advance! :smile:

    Speedy 30 Epi Leather in Cassis
    Speedy 35 Monogram Canvas
    Speedy 35 Damier Azur
    Alma BB Vernis in Pomme

    I'm petite size 0 and my LV bag collection consists of damier ebene speedy 30, damier azur speedy 25, monogram canvas speedy 25, epi ivoire speedy 30, batignolle vertical in mono canvas, pochette melville damier ebene. yess i love the speedy and I dunno, i just thought i could consider a mono or azur in speedy 35 as those 2 are my harassed ones. my first lv is the mono in speedy 25 and seems kinda small now. The azur looks quite more normal sized when i use it with flowy dresses as it is light colored and dainty but when i use the mono 25 it feels smaller and i only use it now when i'm in a plain white tank or polo shirt and preppy denim shorts. altho i have the BV as a bigger mono bag.. hope that wasn't too long. Thanks in advance everyone!!!!!!!!!
  2. Def. Alma in Pomme! I just see so many Speedy's every day (at least here where I live) that I just don't like it that much anymore... But vernis Alma is something else! :drool:
  3. Even though it's common, I'd still go for the Mono Speedy 35. It's my favorite bag that I own!
  4. Epi Speedy 30 in Cassis
  5. I love my Epi Speedy in Cassis but you already have one in Ivoire so perhaps Alma BB or mono Speedy 35 :smile:
  6. The Pomme Alma BB is so nice -- that's my choice!!
  7. Alma ! You have all the classic models, beside the Alma !
  8. Pomme Alma!
  9. Epi speedy
  10. Pomme BB!! So cute! I love those mini bags and that red is TDF!
  11. Epi cassis speedy or Mono Speedy!
  12. Azur 35!!! I love mine, I carry it all the time in summer!
  13. Get the Alma because you already have a couple of Speedies!
  14. of the three, i would get damier azur speedy FOR SURE. personally, not a fan of the others.
    if i had to rank...
    1. damier azur speedy
    2. mono speedy 35
    3. alma bb
  15. Alma! Sometimes you need something different. :cutesy: