Need a swanky LITTLE bag......

  1. So this is what happened tonight......

    We're going out to dinner and we're walking. Semi casual/pumped up a notch from everyday jeans. What this means to Shopmom is a PRESSED pair of jeans, FITTED black sweater, POLISHED black shoes and a jacket with an Hermes scarf tossed willy-nilly around the neck. :rolleyes: It also means that I need to grab a small purse for just a set of housekeys, the cell phone and a tube of lipstick. No biggy you think. S'Mom's GOTTA have a little something!


    Until tonight, I thought I had it pretty much all covered. BUT! I do NOT have that up-one-notch-from-basic-day-wear, going-out-to-dinner-but-not-fancy little bag that only fits the keys, cell & lipstick tube.

    Basically, what I'm asking is.....what bag would you recommend thats small enough to hold about 3-4 small things and STILL look swanky????? :shrugs:
  2. Shopmom - H or non-H?

    In the non-H category I have a powder blue snakeskin bag from tods. It's called a Venghe Sera Micro. Don't think it's in production anymore though. It's ideal as it doesn't look too done up.

    In the H category - how about a TPM Evelyn. They look so precious.... I'd love to get one after all my basic H needs are met.
  3. H category, Wong.....I thought initially of the Karo but I don't know....I didn't really like the one I saw last week in SF. Too soft and sqwooshy. I'd like something with structure that I could just grab, throw a few little items in and go looking somewhat stylish. You know?
  4. Kelly JPG clutch? Constance?
  5. Yeah Karo doesn't do anything for me either. Too amorphous.

    I like Amkur's suggestion of the Constance, but do they do a tiny one? That could go either casual or gussied up.
  6. Whoa! A tiny Constance! Maybe that would do the trick because it also has the shoulder strap!!!
  7. like this? (pic from an old ebay auction by "bluemanxantiques" -- can't remember her tPF handle, though)

  8. Cute, although I wonder if it is a bit too small!?

    Personally, I would love one of the bottega veneta clutches.

  9. :death:What is this heresy I hear, you don't like the Karo as a clutch!!:smash:
    Actually, in epsom, it holds its shape quite well. Chevre is smooshy to the extreme, indeed (the PM is better in size for a clutch as it can get stuffed quickly).

    I agree that a Constance would be better if you like a strap to free up your hands. Perhaps a Pochette Clou (it's a clutch with a metal "clou sellier" as closure). Otherwise, I'd say H has a distinct lack of small clutches.

    Or... a mini Plume Elan?
  10. No wallet? Just keys, phone and a lipstick?
    A croc Jige!
  11. what about the Jige Elan???
    black box should look terrific and you can wear it with every outfit!!!!
  12. a small constance would be perfect!
    but not the one in post#8, that's way too small.
  13. or perhaps, a mini kelly?
    the 20cm one???
  14. d - didn't you just get a kelly clutch? or maybe i'm hallucinating.. ok it's off to bed i go!

  15. What you need is a kelly pouchtte in exotic :yahoo: :nuts: :yahoo: