Need a Suit for my PROM ! SOS Help

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  1. Hi Pfr's, I really need your help. The time has come and in 3 months its my Prom. I need a Suit (Im a guy), I want to spend up to $450 and If the website is american, I need them to ship to England. Can someone give me some Ideas. They are all much appreciated.

    :flowers: :sos: :sos:
  2. That is tricky...I've been looking at some magazine and it seems like velvet blazers for men are in for this season. Do you want something very formal or semi-casual?
  3. Hey Steve,

    I like the velvet blazer idea, however I think it might be too "wintery" for a spring prom, KWIM?!
    Can't do anything wrong with a classic tuxedo (LOVED :heart: :love: the Casino Royale Brioni tux *sigh*)

    I'd check out the bridal shops in your area to see what suits you and what you feel comfortable in. :idea:

    Have a nice weekend :p
  4. Why not just rent one? You probably won't ever wear it again...
  5. Hi Guys, thanks for all your Ideas, I really appreciate them. I think velvet would be a bit too much for this occasion and a tuxedo is lovely but I find that every guy there will be wearing one.
    I was going to rent one but I cannot find a place that hires designer suits. If anyone can still help...please post your Ideas :flowers:
  6. how 'bout a kilt? :graucho:

    edit: btw, did you check eBay? Try the bride/groom section, there's mostly a lot of good stuff on there, only worn for one day
  7. haha a kilt lol, and I wouldnt need any underwear :graucho: its tradition LOL

    Yeah Ive looked on eBay but Im worried it wont fit when it comes :sad: I can still look...maybe I can get some Ideas LOL
  8. Firstly, RELAX!!!
    Ok. Now we go. For a spring/summer prom, I like a light pin striped suit. Last year, I wore a grey suit with mercury stripes, a white shirt and a pink/blue striped tie. If you REALLy wanna stand out, add little details here and there. I love the whole cruise-y look, so I suggest not buttoning the suit, adding a little touch (i.e. a pin on the breast pocket) or doing something unexpected like wearing a vest underneath it.
    This year, I'll be wearing the same suit, but I'll be paring it down. I'm going to wear it with a more casual linen shirt and a skinny tie, with a different belt (just got a j.lindberg belt that you hook on from one end to the other) and point-ier shoes.

    For nice suits, you can look at Reiss (I love their looks!!) and there are loads of other brands all over, eh?

    Hope this helps. Just shout if you need any help/// : )
  9. thanks, Do you think I should get a good quality lower priced suit and accessorize it ?. :smile:
  10. Yup.. Sure.. When I was in Singapore, I got my suit from Country Road- an Australian brand that does the whole smart chic thing perfectly. I got it altered here and there, bought a shirt and tie to go along with it, and it went on perfectly... Why don't you quickly pop over to House of Fraser or something to look for suits? They've got a pretty good sale now..
  11. yeah thats a great Idea. Thanks for all your help :smile:
  12. No worries. Just shout if you need any help. And shout as in PM. Hee.
  13. urgh steve ive got my prom in june and havent got a clue where to start on dresses! ive seen some gorgeous ones at dress shops but some ones you find on ebay are TDF! and SOOOOOOOO CHEAP! that even if the dont fit i can get it made to fit me! i think im going to do that for mine but i suppose its harder for you as its a whole suit whereas id only need the top of a dress rejusting!
    its SUCH a stress though lol and ive got a holiday to pay for and spends to save for it AND learn to drive/buy a car grrr
  14. 3 button notch lapels are the hottness. if youre planning to go real formal (like tuxedo wise) jcrew just came out with a pretty nice formalwear line too.