Need a suggestion for a scarf......again....

  1. I'm in love with the horse & buggy/carriage motif. ocurred to me while I was analyzing my bangle obsession. Every one that I'm attracted to has the horse/carriage design on it. Horse with the feather thingy on his head and a fancy blanket. Horse with fancy blanket pulling elaborate carriage. Horse without the fancy blanket but with the feather thingy and no buggy. Horse with fancy buggy and no feather thingy and so on.....

    So the natural course of events in S'Mom's world is to find the perfect horse/carriage motif SCARF to go with all these horse/carriage bangles I seem to be accumulating.

    And I just want one fabulous one. Just one.

    I'd love some suggestions.....

    (here's a pic of one of my bangles so you can see what I'm talking about......)
  2. do you already have alfred dedreux - peintre du cheval?
  3. No.......The only "horse" scarf I have so far, DQ is "Palefroi".
  4. I do not know what the hell I got today,...not well versed in scarves.... but I got 6 of'em! you will see when you come over!
  5. this one is pretty -- it's got a picture of the classic caleche w/footman plus it's got a mosaic look to it -- here's a bad pic;


  6. :wtf: :nuts: :drool:
  7. These scarvews ar great,,, my goal is 100 before I an 42,:yes:
  8. Shopmom, I'm useless with the horsey scarves.....I'm a fishy scarves gal...
  9. Love Caleche Elasique. I know you weren't crazy about it in blue but NM has it in Grey and it's pretty gorgeous!
  10. Going in tomorrow, Crochet......I'll check it out!!!!
  11. Love that bangle Mom! How about a little bangle fashion show?