Need a stunning dress for a wedding

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  1. I've got a family wedding coming up that's going to be very sophisticated. I've been through a very tough time last year when I had a huge health issue that I managed to overcome and have also managed to lose a lot of weight, so I really need something with a WOW factor! I'm 5'7, size 6 and will spring to a budget of up to $300.

    I need some inspiration - please help me!
  2. how old are you? long or short dress? any colour preferences?
  3. Thanks for the congrats! :biggrin:

    I love BCBG too - I turned up a lot of dresses from last year in my hunt. That dress is lovely (with a lovely price tag too) but unfortunately I can't wear black to a wedding in my family - my cousin did it a couple of years ago, and we're still all hearing about it....may pick up this dress for another occasion

    I'm sorry - I should have posted more details. It's a summer wedding so I'd prefer something sleeveless/strapless and I have no preference over length. I have dark hair and olive skin, so I like most colors. I'm also 5'8 and have curves!

    The wedding is at a very formal venue, so the dress needs to match. Here is my current favorite from my online search - I like it, but don't LOVE it, if you get what I mean (I'm not sure if it's too bridesmaidish?) I'm hoping to fall in love with dress soon!
  4. Oh what about this then? Looks formal and what a great price!

  5. Cache has a decent selection of evening dresses