Need a spa for me and mom

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  1. I am trying to plan a spa trip for my mom and I. The problem is she is 80 and I am very active. For her all I need is someplace with a pool or beach, that she can get to on her own, and spa treatments. I would like that and some yoga, classes or hiking. I think Canyon a Ranch is too big and so many of the services would be wasted on her, plus she wants wine at dinner lol. I was thinking Mexico but I don't want anything too remote because of her age. We're from the US, east coast, any ideas?? Thanks!!
  2. Oh. Because of her age she can get confused in large hotels so I was looking for someplace smaller and more intimate. I'd rather pay more for service so if I'm off doing something I don't have to worry about her going to pool/beach and not finding room. She is very good for her age but I worry. I want to do it this year while she can enjoy herself. Thanks again
  3. Would you be interested in flying to Phoenix/Scottsdale? There are many luxury resorts with spa focus: The Phoenician, the Sanctuary Camelback Mountain, The Boulders, Four Seasons at Troon, Westin Kierland, Fairmont Princess, etc.

  4. Yes. But I want a small resort/boutique hotel type spa. Do any of those fit that bill?
  5. Hm. They are all fairly large. Of all, I'd say the Boulders feels smaller since you can book an individual casita vs. staying in a large hotel building. The Sanctuary at Camelback is also on the smaller side.

    For something smaller, you may want to look into Montelucia Resort & Spa, The Saguaro, Hermosa Inn or FireSky Resort & Spa.

  6. Thank you I will definitely check these out. I like the idea of mom might have some issues in Mexico. She has a sensitive stomach, the language, going thru customs, not a big deal but kinda is when you're 80.
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    Have you ever been to the Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC?

    It is a wonderful place. We were there the first weekend in April. When were there in 2010, the president and First Lady were vacationing at the Inn. Many presidents have stayed there. The spa is one of the best in the country. And the food is Asheville is incredible - just about every restaurant is farm to table.
  8. Four Seasons Scottsdale will golf cart you anywhere on property :smile:
    It's one of my fave resorts.

  9. I thought about this one and another one in West Virginia but because of my mother's age I think the travel might be too difficult. Even Palm Springs is out because of no direct flights. But I have heard of Grove Park and think it would be perfect if I was going with my husband.

    This sounds really good. Do the golf carts come with drivers? Joking. Kinda. Def checking into everything in Scottsdale. I'm thinking really small. We went to Mexico years ago and chartered a boat out of the most beautiful tiny spa resort. Of course I can't remember the name although I did find it on the internet once and can't now which leads me to believe it's out of biz. But that's kinda what I'm looking for. Something really small even if I have to give up something like a good exercise program, that's something I want but I want this trip to be more for my mom. I won't be able to enjoy myself anyway if I'm worried about my mom getting lost!!

    Thanks all. Please keep ideas coming! Would love to go in June!
  10. Am considering Miraval. Has anyone been there?
  11. Yes, the staff drives you on golf carts :smile:
    The staff there is AMAZING.

  12. I called them yesterday and they were very nice on phone and assured me the staff would help with whatever my mom needed (ride from pool to room etc) and that there would be more than enough to do for both of us. I think it might be too quick to plan for June and get all the appointments we want and also might be too hot. I think I should aim for fall. I also read that sometimes you can purchase thru rue la la which might be great. I really want this to be special for her so I think this is the one. She never treats herself and is always concerned that I get what I want so I want to make sure she has a great time too.
  13. June is very warm, but we love that. We go in July every summer! lol
  14. If you've never been, I highly recommend The Greenbrier Resort in White Sulphur Springs, WV. You and your mother would both Absolutely Love it. The scenery, the history of The Greenbrier, the fine dining , the's a must do for everyone, all ages at least once.
  15. Slightly off topic but has anyone here been to The Ashram in California? I am thinking of going.