Need a SMALL wallet

  1. I'm looking for a Small wallet, like 3.5"H x 4.5"L. All I keep seeing are those huge checkbook wallets which I don't need since I only use checks for monthly bills. I perfer a designer one with the logo in full view (hey, if i'm gonna pay for desiegner, I may as well show it). Any suggestion? I'm trying to keep it under $300.
  2. The wallet that I own now is pretty small but fits a LOT!!!! It's a little more than $300 (I paid $386 including tax) but I think it is SO worth it! It is made of VERY durable leather (so, it doesn't scratch easily) and is definitely NOT as expensive as other Chanel wallets (most retail for about $500). Let me know if you need more pics!
    CC wallet 1.1.JPG CC wallet 5.1.JPG CC wallet 4.1.JPG CC wallet 6.1.JPG CC wallet 7.1.JPG
  3. i use my citysatchel as a wallet. its cute and only 24 bucks.
    its actually an wrist bag
  4. yeah im in the market for a small wallet too, looked at coach, but nothing appealed to me. the only small type of wallets i see are those coin type purses that open and there are slots for folded cash and cards, but i was a small folded one, if i find anything ill let you know. i heard something about an lv damier wallet so im going to check out hte site now and if i find somethhing ill let you know.
  5. I think the LV Ludlow wallets, which come in a variety of materials, would probably fit your criteria. It's absolutely gorgeous in vernis!
  6. i think if i cant find a wallet that i like since im VERY particular when it comes to wallets, i will hunt down a chic clutch, put in one of those bifold card organizers and a skinny in there and flow on like that. its one of a kind, designed by me, and cost effective. now if only i could find a clutch i like..
  7. Did you ever think about maybe getting something like this for gift cards, etc? (it comes in more colors than the website shows) Someone on here had it and I thought it was really cute, so I went out and bought one since I have quite a few gift cards, appointment cards, etc.

    Here are some Gucci wallets that are right around 300
  8. I have this wallet:

    I know that's more than you said you want to spend - but my point is it has a lot of slots for credit cards...but if I fill it up, I can't close it! So...I bought one of those card cases (above) at Nordstrom - I just keep my regularly used cards in the wallet.
  9. Thanks everyone! I think i'm actually leaning towards the D-ring Gucci that Jenn suggested. It has a lot of card slots. The LV was cute but definately out of my price range. If anyone see a wallet with a separate clear ID pocket in it, let me know ( i know, i'm being so picky).