Need a small wallet for my Sophie: ludlow, little accordéon or porte monnaie plat?


Good small wallet for pochette:

  1. Ludlow

  2. Little Accordéon

  3. Porte Monnaie Plat

  4. Ludlow

  5. Little Accordéon

  6. Porte Monnaie Plat

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  1. I can't decide..they all are pretty, and the price is quite the same..
    which one would you suggest?:smile:

    here some pics for comparison:


    Little accordéon

    Porte Monnaie Plat
  2. Little accordeon is my pick...
  3. I like the Little Accordeon more.

    Good luck with your search! ;)
  4. ludlow is more practical
  5. Pmp
  6. I have the pmp and it only holds coins, so the ludlow is more versatile.
  7. WOW..Jillybean and I were just discussing this last night..LOL..I took my Sophie out ..and really gotta get a small wallet to at least hold my cards and ID...HMMMM
  8. I think I like the accordeon best
  9. Ludlow
  10. i liked the Accordeon more its cuter! :yes:
  11. The little accordéon is TDF!!:love:
  12. accordeon is so cute!!
  13. Ludlow, looks like it can hold more but is about the same size.
  14. I choose the PMP, I have one and I can manage to fit coins, bills, and cards in there. There also is patch pocket in the front to keep receipts. The compartments are actually quite roomy since it opens up wide, and it doesn't JUST hold coins! Just have to be creative with how you put things inside :yes:
  15. Here's a pic of my cherry blossom PMP: