Need a small "extra" purse ...

  1. Looking for a small purse to tuck into a Cabas Mezzo or Saleya MM for travel. Considering Illovo, Tikal, Trotteur, Ravello, maybe Mini Looping. I need super small but still big enough to hold my full size Pochette Wallet. The measurements on all of the above look big enough but sometimes actually getting the wallet in is another story. Any thoughts?
  2. Tikal PM sounds good...
  3. Have you considered something more streamlined like a musette salsa/tango?
  4. Thanks for the suggestion. Ihe Musette Tango is a possibility - I just don't want it to take up too much space in the tote. I don't need to carry much more than a wallet and lipstick in the purse when I travel since everything else is in the tote.
  5. The musette tango isn't that big, actually. It's pretty small...bigger than a pochette accessories, but not huge. I think it's a great bag for travel because you can probably fit your wallet, a some makeup and a camera inside just fine and it'll fit in the mezzo/saleya pretty well. :yes: Plus, if you get the extra long strap, it'd make a great messenger bag.
  6. what about the pochette accessories?
  7. Pochette accessories seem too small and I'd rather have a longer strap at least long enough for a shoulder bag - my long wallet still needs to fit in as well. I can only carry on 2 items when flying so I have a wheelie and a tote. I never, ever check any luggage. I like to have a small purse once I get to my destination so am looking something to fit into the tote.
  8. other options: hudson, papillon 30, tulum pm, recital.

    of the 4 choices listed (ravello, illovo, tikal, mini looping), i prefer the mini looping.
  9. Musette will fit better than the Mini Looping (because of its wide base).
  10. i would go with a musette tango as well since its more flat.
  11. I just took some pics for you. I have the Saleya MM and the long strap Tango. The Tango is wide enough to fit your wallet, but it's not that deep so it fits inside the Saleya with plenty of room to spare.

    I hope this helps!
    Tano inside Saleya.jpg tango inside saleya2.jpg Saleya mm Tango.jpg
  12. Hmmm... I don't know how well the Illovo would work as a "pouch" sort of thing, but if you got that one you could use it A LOT! It's a really great bag and feels great on the shoulder. If you're kind of small it's such a terrific bag. I have one and I adore it!
  13. Westie Lover - thank you so much for the pictures - that was very nice of you to take the time to put them on this forum. I just have one more question - could you possibly measure the bottom edge of your Saleya MM - I know it's not as wide as the top edge. I'm just trying to figure out how much usable space there is in it. Thanks!
  14. I just measured the bottom and it's 12 1/2 inches wide by 7 1/5 inches deep. It holds quite a bit.

    Good luck with your decision!

  15. Thanks! That answers the question for me. I think the Mezzo is going to hold more stuff after all. I'm going with the Mezzo unless I start to consider the Saleya GM - but then my first impression is that it's TOO big.