Need a small Chanel wallet

  1. Gals,

    I saw a Chanel wallet in the $300 Chanel wallet thread, and I want it oh so badly. I can't stop thinking about it. I think it was Minal's (sp?) wallet, which was a black caviar wallet (small), and it carries just enough cash and some ID's and cards. I don't know where else I can find this wallet, and I want to use my VISA/MC (not my NM account). Please help. I also need to know the price as well.


  2. Hi Christi. :smile: It was my wallet (and you spelled my name correctly haha). :p I mostly shop at NM, and I found it there for $330. I'm not really sure about its availability elsewhere, because I've only seen it at NM. :sad: I think some girls have bought NM gift cards through their Visa or other credit cards, and used the gift cards at NM to get around having to use the NM card. :smile: If I see this wallet again (I didn't when i was last in NM a week ago), I'll let you know! :tup:

  3. that's exactly the wallet i want too!!! i've had my SA check, but she can't find it, i printed the picture out and since there is no SKU number she cannot locate it. Minal, do you have the sku number? Thanks so much!!!
  4. Hi. :smile: The NM tag reads:

    SKU 0734 5488

    (Price is $330.00)

    I have no idea if this is relevant, but on top before the SKU, there are a bunch of numbers, and it looks like this:

    Neiman Marcus
    323 04 748
    4250 1 31504
    1 1

    HTH, and both of you can find this wallet! :heart:


  5. thanks, minal! just got back from business trip. will do my search this weekend. thanks, again!!!