Need a small bag...what should I get?

  1. Okay well i've realised that big bags or even decent sized ones don't get their full use from me. All I ever carry with me is my phone, cards, keys, lipgloss and thats it.

    The one I am very interested in getting would be the Dior Saddle Pouch in Burgundy. When I tried it at Dior it fit pretty well, comfortable and all. But I was worried that it might have been a little flimsy.

    but I also thought the Burberry Check Sling was cute...however the fact that it's made with PVC turns me off :yucky:

    and lastly the LV pochette is also in consideration, but I feel like if I were to get one of those I should just wait till the Azur line comes out :love:

    Does anyone have a favorite small bag that they would recomend?
  2. I would get the Dior saddle bag. I have one in Girly Blossom and ADORE it. It is larger than the pochette, and holds a bit more without being a huge bag. I also have a couple of LV pochettes myself, and I can fit all that you mention above in it, but you may like to carry a bit more since it will be an everyday bag... just my thought. Hope this helps!
  3. I like the dior, or the bag I just got from Chanel is just the type I think you're looking for, size wise.
  4. oh! is that the green bag i saw in the chanel forum?

    i actually thought that was really cute, do you know if it's still in stores? i'll have to stop by Chanel and have a look if that's the case.
  5. Good luck on your bag search senzafine!! Let us know what you end up getting! : )
  6. My favorite small bag is the Chanel reissue......
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