Need a silver clutch?!

  1. Any suggestions. I am usually a Chanel girl, but there is nothing in silver right now that I like. I saw a cool YSL one on the Saks website, but if anyone else has seen something cute please tell me where...oh and it need to be available online because I have 3 little ones and can rarely get out shopping during the day...thanks!
  2. What about a simple Lauren Merkin Eve or Louise clutch? They are super affordable and I absolutely adore mine (Eve and Louise are the same style, except Eve is a smaller version). Check and look here for how it looks on a person
  3. Cool, I have never looked at Lauren Merkin stuff before. Very cute clutches!!
  4. I like the Heather Hawkins bags in silver (the bowtie) or Lauren Merkin. Good luck!
  5. I saw this the other say while surfing the internet.

    It's by Andrea Brueckner and can be found at
  6. Oh and I think there might be a code for winknyc too.
  7. What about the YSL Y Mail clutch in silver? I think you could probably still find on on the YSL website: