Need a silver bag...

  1. for New Years eve...anything out there? I can't get to a Chanel anytime soon and would have to order by phone. Any suggestions?
  2. hum, silver ice cube or the newly released w/different symbols pressed on in PVC?
  3. Silver Icecube was the first thing that popped into my mind as well :smile:
  4. jfhave here's what I found:

    the version with the zipper BlkLadylaw refers too should be this one it comes in silver and gold too:
    Also there is the lucky symbols wallet in both silver and gold for $1150!:yes:

  5. chanelspell, love that first one...thanks!
  6. oh,you're welcome!:yes:
  7. i would totally get a silver/dark silver reissue if you can find onee! simply GORGEOUS...