Need a shoulder bag...

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  1. Need some suggestions...

    I'm looking for a shoulder bag that is big enough for my lunch, water bottle, docoments for meeting (A4 and A3), agenda, wallet, phone, pochette, cles, camera & pencil case.

    Must not have LV all over. No Mono, no denim, no cruise.. something discreet.

    Alternatively, a separate document bag?

  2. Must not have LVs all over??? --> hmmm.. this is a tough one

    then u might wanna consider
    - epi line --> not really nice shoulder bags (not the newer models)
    - suhali --> maybe too heavy!!
    - antigua --> i like the cabas Gm but it's not leather or canvas tho
    - damier --> maybe chelsea or saleya (not LVs but checkerboard, ure ok with it right?)
    - damier geant --> couguar (pretty spacy)
    - nomade --> lockit either vertical or the regular model

    hope this helps!! :smile:
  3. Antigua GM, Suhali Le Fabuleux just to name a few.
  4. Yup. Tough. Been looking for ages. Looked at men's as well.... I think Damier Saleya and Chelsea is a good suggestion. CHeers.:yes:
  5. if you want a 'document bag', then how about the Damier or Epi Sac Plat?

  6. Have you thought about the Damier Parioli? It's a little more structured but looks like it might fit what you listed ~ just another suggestion. ;)

  7. Yea. That's a good idea. I was thinking of that but change my mind. I can't remember why. I think the ones in Epi are no longer around....
  8. Damier Saleya is big - I've got the MM and there's lots of room to spare (and I carry everything w/ me) If you go up to the GM, whoa. You can carry a person in there. Love this bag. Plus - it's beautiful, not screaming LV, just whispering...!
  9. epi passy. comes in red, black or canelle. it's FANTASTIC!
  10. What about the Epi Mandara GM?
  11. I am waiting to get the damier uzes for a work bag:drool: , it's a great shoulder or hand held bag. It might not fit all your paperwork though if you carry a lot.
  12. how about the passy GM? it is a shoulder bag, holds document, discreet, waterproof. just perfect for work!
  13. tulum
  14. I like that! :yes: Going to the store to check it out now!
  15. Mezzo. If only it came in damier.