Need a second Opinion....AZUR NAVIGLIO?

  1. Went to LV trunk show last week..actually met 2 super nice PFers there..LOL..One came up to me and asked if I was JIll from the PF!
    ..heehee..I was laughing!

    PS-Trunk show was HUGE disappointmt..DESPISED the new stuff...denim....eek..Not my taste at all.

    Anywhohow.....I was looking at the Azur Naviglio bag..I loved the strap on was cute....
    But its a bulky bag.....Think its worth buying..Its actually not bad pricewise(800ish)...Whats your thoughts on this bag?
  2. I've seen it in regular damier and I've seen pics of the azur it's super cute if you have a use for it go for it
  3. I would love to hear your opinions too
  4. I think its so cute..I also love the strap...Bulky is good!! Plus you carry some big bags...I think you would like it! Its is affordable IMO..You might enjoy it a few times this summer! Glad to hear the trunk show was kind of bunk...I am not in love with alot of the new stuff..I have a wondering eye to other designers at the moment. Lv will come back with some great stuff soon enough..they always do! Now go drink a maritni and think about it! (hair of the dog id GOOD!) lol or you could join me in a glass of wine right now!! Im bad.
  5. depends on Ur wardrobe, but i still like the Naviglio better in Damier :p
  6. I love it, I soooooooooo want to go to a trunk show but I dont think I'll ever get invited :sad:
  7. Lucky you getting to go to a trunk show. We never have any here in MN. But i am in head over heels love with with the AZUR NAVIGLIO. I think the colour is TDF and its a very practical bag.
  8. Naviglio is great, I just got the Ebene last week or so :yes:

    The Azur looks really pretty and summer-y, however I don't really know how it will hold up against color transfer?! Being a cross-body/messenger style bag it's bound to rub against your clothes all the time ... the Damier is really tough, have no experience with the Azur :shrugs:
  9. we don't have trunk shows :crybaby:
  10. I dont like it, IMO
  11. :crybaby: :crybaby: whats the other thing our store has ? is it christmas party ?....I would love to get invited to that :crybaby:
  12. I like it, so I vote yes! ;)
  13. ^LOL!Dude.....I got so smashed last night its not funny.Ive been home all day with the worst hangover of my life..Just the word martini makes me gag..ROFL!!!!!!(But my friends and I had the bestest time ever..HEHE!)
    Im still thinkin on this bag..I really loved it IRL..and I didnt like the damier version..just the azur color palette....
  14. I think it's a cute bag! I saw it the other day and wanted it!
  15. I thought the price point on this bag was great. In comparison with say a Saleya it fits much more. I was tempted to get this for plane trips and such. Since it's an easy carryon you could stick a few magazines in and not worry about shoving it under your chair.