Need a scarf quickie.......

  1. Anyone know the name of the designer and the issues of "Le Cles de Champs"?
  2. the name "Faconnet" now would love the issue dates if anyone knows.......

    Here it is.......
  3. dont know the exact date of the original issue but it was been reissued in every decade since the 60s I think. I have seen 70s Cle, 80s Cle, 90s Cle and probably 60s Cle (no copyright). Come have jacquard, some do not. Some have the fireworks jacquard, some have the curlique jacquard
  4. I'm always:nuts::wtf:by your knowledge H Ladies !!!
  5. SETON.....mine has the curlique jacquard and very, very soft silk. No tag though so it's been kinda hard for me to date it......
  6. yes, it's hard to date w/o the tag. . . especially for a scarf that has been reissued so many time. The curlique jacquard version of C de Champs is the most common version of this scarf too.

    Give me a clear pic of the lettering of the HERMES - PARIS and the copyright (if any) and the position of the Faconnet signature and I'll see what i can do
  7. D - The curlique jacquard is from 1965, I've just been told.
  8. I read the thread wrong....:push::upsidedown:
  9. :yahoo: I LOVE when I get a nice oldie!!!!!!
  10. Although wait for it - someone's bound to come along and contradict me.....
  11. LMAO.........ain't that just the way..........
  12. LOL....lately - YES!

    It's a beauty in any case, D.
  13. I'm a sucker for the birdies, K. Birdies and creepy-crawlies.
  14. And Dead Things.


    "I see Dead Creatures..."
  15. I have a Cle de Champs with the scrolling jacquard with tag attached. . . and it's from the 1990s.

    Anyway. congrats.