Need a SA in Dallas area

  1. I need to find a "home" LV. My first purchase was Elux, but think the rest will be in store. There are a few LV's around me in Dallas, but which is the nicest and does anyone have a SA they can recommend?

  2. I just went to Dallas last weekend and I visited 3 different LV boutiques. I found the one in Galleria to be the most helpful. Their SAs are really polite and outgoing.
  3. thank you :smile:
  4. I highly recommend the Dallas Galleria LV. I have a wonderful SA. If you pm me I can give you her name. Also, I have dealt with a good one in Plano at the Shops at Willow Bend Neiman Marcus lv. But between those 2, I prefer the Galleria.
  5. LOVE the SAs at the Shops of Willowbend {Plano on the tollway}, LV and Chanel SA's there have been fantastic!
  6. I love the SA in Galleria. She is a oriental lady and so helpful !!
  7. I also prefer the LV in the Galleria. I had a wonderful SA that was a young man.
  8. I agree about the Galleria. I felt she was polite and helpful without being pushy and she also sent me an invite to their social event even though it was my first time there.
  9. The SAs in the Galleria are ALOT nicer, imo, especially compared to shops at willowbend (i never get nice treatment there)