Need a recommendation: Socal Make Up Artist (non-SA) in LA?

  1. argh.. I give up.. I will finally admit I have no clue what I am doing with make-up. I also have concluded that going to various make-up counters and having the SA there put make-up on me and try to push their product is not working either. In fact, I have never had one of them do my make-up well :Push:

    So I decided, I will just have to enlist the help of a make-up artist who can make me look good, then show me how to sorta do the same thing.

    Can anyone recommend a make up artist in the Southern California area?
  2. Have you tried going to Sephora? Their SA's aren't there to push a particular brand. And since the store carries a number of brands, they can pick and choose what might work best for you. A lot of SA's freelance on the side as MA, so that's another option.
  3. sniff I guess no one has one :crybaby:
  4. You might want to try the wedding/bridal community boards like A lot of brides post their recommendations on make-up artists. Good luck! :smile:
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