Need a recommendation on make up brushes

  1. Not sure what to get. Just lost the set I had for a long time on a trip (think they didn't make it into the suitcase going home :sad: )

    Anyway looking for some recommendations. Thanks!
  2. I'm relatively new to make-up brushes, so here are the main ones I use (all MAC):

    116 for blush
    187 for liquid foundation
    134 for powder

    Sephora also has some really good sets though they may not last as long as the MAC ones will. Also, there is a site called Sigma Cosmetics that sells brushes very similar to the MAC ones but cheaper. Not sure how those work though.
  3. MAC's are great, as are Bobbi Brown's (I like her travel-sized combos), Laura Mercier's. Japonesque sells less expensive but very well-done brushes in full and travel size at Ulta, Trade Secret or online.

    I have a bit from each of these brands. I am not a fan of Benefit brushes, though -- at least I don't like the ones that comes with their products, which tend to be much better than the brushes themselves. HTH! :smile:
  4. Mac has great make up brushes.
  5. I agree with Loquita about the bobbie brown travel brushes, esp if you travel often. for home, i have mac as well as stila brushes, which are both very soft.
  6. I found out that Bobbi Brown is discontinuing the travel size and the larger size and making an in-between size instead. They still have the mini kits though.

    I really appreciate the suggestions!
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    These are my favorite MAC brushes that i use almost everyday, depending on the look i am going for. For foundation i use the beauty blender sponge, therefore i do not use any MAC brushes for that. If i use a brush for foundation i would use the Sephora airbrush foundation brush. The rest of my collection is mainly MAC.

    Here are my fav's:

    195 - For concelear
    189 - For loose powder
    134 - For Bronzer
    131 - For MSF
    109 - For blush
    188 - For blush
    187 - Spray Fix + on it and buff the face

    239 - To put color on the lid
    226 - To put color on the crease
    217 - Multi purpose (love it)
    214 - For lining under eyes
    224 - For blending

    As far as cheaper alternatives, i like Sonia Kashuk brushes, you can find these on Target. i have a dupe for the 239 that i really love and a few others that are of a good quality.
    Good luck shopping!
  8. I think MAC has the best quality brush sets that last a very long time if they are cared for properly..
    my favourite MAC brushes
    for face
    187 liquid foundation
    189 cream foundation
    195 concealer
    129 blush or the 131 for mineralize skin finish..
    and the 219 to smudge along the waterline.

    and for travel mac has a travel size set on their site of the basic brushes you need from face to eyes...
    217 all purpose blending etc
    239 for if you use loose eye shadow such as pigments bare mineral eye shadow etc..
    222, or 224 for blending the crease.
    mac also has a travel set that including the basic brushes for the face and eyes..on their website.
  9. I love the MAC brushes that I have, but the MUFE kabuki brush is THE BEST brush I've ever used.
  10. I am a brush-MAC-fan. And if you lost yours, maybe a brush set (Graphic Gardens collection) would be right for you?
  11. I can never remember which brush is supposed to be used for what. That's why I bought Bobbi Brown brushes, each brush is marked on the handle what it is for. I'm very happy with them!
  12. I have been a long time user of MAC. But lately there are many other brands that are just as good and cost much less! I have been purchasing:
    Sonia Kashuk for Target - recommend the crease brush and medium eyeshadow brush
    E.L.F brushes - the eyeshadow brush is a STEAL for $1
    Sigma brushes - closest MAC dupe! and they have the same brush # so easy to get which brush. They are very reasonably priced!!
    ECOTOOLS - SO SO SOFT and they are eco-friendly! you can find them at drugstores.
  13. I think Trish McEvoy makes the best makeup brushes. They're on the pricey side, but they're a very worthwhile investment, imo.
  14. I have a ton from Sephora, but I also buy a lot from the Ulta line, they're just a durable and if they're on sale it's even better...and ecotools makes really good, and incredibly lightweight brushes, although they don't have a wider selection yet.