Tech Need a recommendation for a printer!

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  1. I'd like the following:

    1. Color laser (not inkjet), fax, scanner
    2. Must be Macintosh compatible
    3. Wireless

    I currently have an HP color laser printer and I love it. But ... I also have a separate scanner, plus a separate fax machine. I'd like to combine everything into one machine and save on space.

    Recommendations appreciated!
  2. I just bought the epson 3880 but I also have the HP all in one and it scans,faxes & prints that I use with my Mac computer.
  3. Color laser all in ones are a little tricky to find. We have one that we like here in the lab but it is not wireless-- I can't think of one that is wireless, but ours is networked with ethernet. You can always connect it by ethernet to a wireless print server to make it wireless.

    Ours is the HP CM1312nfi color laser all in one. Cost about $500 if I recall-- you won't be able to go much lower than that for a network-ready color laser all in one. And we use both mac and PC in the lab, both are fine.
  4. Why the Color Laser? Is this for work? Color Laser's are pretty pricey.
  5. Actually, cost per page for a color laser is much less. You spend more at the outset and then don't throw away $60 in ink cartridges every 2 months. A single $100 toner cartridge can print upwards of 5000 pages to an ink cartridge's 250-500 pages. It's much more cost effective if you print a lot.
  6. HP printers/scanners/copiers (3 in one) last forever, while they print very efficiently. I got a different brand, and it's really slow...I think I might get an HP again.
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