Need a recommendation for a good SA and spa treatment

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  1. Hello!!
    I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a super helpful and friendly Hermes SA. I need two things for an 11 year old black togo birkin 25 with gold hardware. She needs a spa treatment and replacement lock, keys and clochette. I'd like to get both the replacement and the spa treatment done at the same time. I live in NY (upstate about 6 hrs from NYC) but don't mind sending the bag out of state ( but in the U.S.), as long as I can deal with a great SA. I spoke to one at the NYC boutique and she didn't seem interested in helping me. Granted, I have never dealt with her before and it was a phone converstaion, but I can't really drive 6 hrs just to get info! Anyone who can provide a name and contact info for a recommendation, I would be forever appreciative!!!!! TIA
  2. I don't know any SA's in the US but for what I have learned on this forum they have a great crafts person in NYC (Madison Ave store I think) and I think he will be able to help you.
  3. Claude in NYC at Madison Ave will be able to help you...just bring your bag with you:o)
  4. ^^^ditto. Any boutique on the east coast is likely to send it to NY Madison Avenue for spa treatment anyway. Does anyone know if Claude will be on vacation in August?
  5. Thanks! I did call a few other boutiques and they all told me they ship the bags to NYC for treatment. I'm hoping I can just ship it myself and have them ship it back ( saving me the 6 hr drive) I would expect other bag owners do this?