Need a quick Yes/no from Shining Monkey users..

  1. Ok, So seeing as I cant find any Wilson Sprays that can be shipped to the UK, I have found one in Amazon by Shining Monkey, which I have read about on tPF as being good, which can be shipped here.

    Please can someone check the pic to see if its the right one that can be used on my bags before I order it for my Koobas and IF' the yes/no Im looking for :yes:

  2. Do a search on it...there are TONS of posts on the forum about it!:yes:
  3. Yes I have searched! Thats why I want to buy it, because I have read about it on here. All I would like is for someone to verify that the can in the pic is the correct one before I order it. See?
  4. My can is packed in a box somewhere or I would help you out!! (house renovations) someone will pipe in soon with an answer!
  5. Sorry-don't know about it, but your avatar is freakin' me out!!!!

  6. Thankyou for that useful comment! I bet my moving signature reaaaally messes with your head.
  7. I don't get it :confused1: I thought she meant the creepy green guy.


    Here is the pic from the LV forum, I guess it is a car product. Some like it some don't.
  8. Yes, that's the one I use on my LV vachetta leather. I've had nothing but great results. I bought a can for a brand new bag that I intended to use as a daily driver and it has yet to get even slightly dirty after 2 months of constant use.
  9. Thanks for the confirmation. Im off to order a can :yes:
  10. Nice....(very dry humor) or otherwise RUDE.
  11. Before you order from Amazon (if you haven't already), check out the other thread in this subforum about how a couple of us (me included) ordered Shining Monkey from Amazon and never received it, and Shining Monkey never responded to our emails.
  12. just remember kooba is SUPER sensitive leather. maybe someone can order it for you and send it to you and you can send them the money? (wilsons) i would be real careful what i sprayed on this kooba i have. it got water droplets on it and was fine, but mine is now PERMANANTLY MINE with a nice LINE down the side. i took it out with me twice. i was so careful i swear to god i felt like i was carrying glass. it has a line down the side that almost looks like a natural warp, but i KNOW it shouldn't be there. point being this leather is a lot more sensitive than car interior leather, and i haven't ever had an LV but they're probably sturdier as well. just be careful.
  13. Good idea Vicious Bliss. I contacted my seller and he will send me a can of Wilsons if I want it. Luckily I have 2-3 weeks to decide but even if I do like it it means I can only buy from abroad. I have bought a can of Kiwi Multi purpose protector ( I think its called all-purpose in the US) which is for finer leather and leather shoes, which Im going to test on the bottom of one of my IF bags, and if it holds up then I will stick to that as its easier for me to get.

    Also,...seeing as some people have weak stomachs and 'dont get' my avatar or maybe think Im a horror freak or something...
    The character is Gollum from The Lord of the Rings Triology. The way he lusts after the ring (myyyy precioussssss) is similar to the way I lust after handbags...

    I think 'rude' is dismissing a post and told to 'do a search' when I only asked for a yes or no. Or giving a pointless comment on a thread about something totally disconnected to the topic.

    But say 'Tomay-toe' and I say 'Tomato' :supacool:
  14. LOL, Halzer, don't get your knickers in a twist, the mods just want to prevent us from repeating the threads. I would wait for the Wilson spray if I were you, as this has been used by several Kooba lovers with great result, I'm down in Australia and need to get hold of some too, so the fact that they will ship to you in UK was useful info.
    Let us know how you go with it.

    And while I do get the lusting after the ring/purses-thingy, you've got to admit Gollum's not too easy on the eye, LOL,
  15. Poor lil' fellow. He is so misunderstood:crybaby: