Need a quick tutorial on flap bags

  1. I am loving the flap bags now.

    If you had a choice between the classic flap jumbo or the reissue 2.55 which would you get? Is it silly to have both? Are they too similar? Silly to have the same color of each? Like if I bought one now and one in 6 months. Right now I like the black and the white in each style

    Can anyone give me the history behind these bags.

    1-When they came out.
    2-The price points of each (I heard there was a recent price increase)
    3-Which is more popular
    4-Different sizes that they come in
    5-Are the re-issues still being made? Why are they called collectors items

    I did a search in the reference library and there are tons talking about the bags but no history. And nothing anwsering my questions specifically.

    Anything you contribute would be helpful :heart:
  2. Oh --one more. :heart:

    What is the re-issue made from? lambskin or calf?

    And is it too delicate in your opinions compared to the caviar?

  3. I'll do my best!
    1. The reissue was first issued in Feb of 1955 and rereleased in 2005. The 2005 have a stamp inside that says 2.55 and 2005 and were black with gh, gray and white. Different colors came out in 2006 but they don't have the stamp anymore.
    The classic flap has been around for years and years and years...not sure when they were first released...
    2. Price points have been posted in other threads...I don't know them off hand but there was a recent price increase in Feb.
    3. Everyone has a different preference. There have been other threads on this asking what people prefer so you may want to try a search on that as well. I personally prefer the reissue.
    4. The reissue come is sizes 224, 225, 226, 227 and 228. the classic comes in small, medium and jumbo...I know the jumbo and 227 are about the same size. I believe the medium is around the same as the 226 and the small is close to the 225. Again there are threads which do go through the exact measurments of each and compare.
    5. Reissues are still being made. i think the current ones just released are patent. The three colors that came out in 2005 with the stamp were produced in limited quantities and are considered collectors items.
    6. The classic flap is produced in lambskin, caviar and patent...The reissue has a vintage leather similar to the vintage ligne collection. It does seem pretty durable to me but I am not sure if it is lambskin???
  4. Thanks for all the great info. Really helpful