Need a quick answer to settle a debate...

  1. Where are LV bags made... China, France, or USA.

  2. France and US and Spain and Italy.
  3. Thank you!!
  4. Yup^^^
  5. depends on which bag, the paper shopping bags are made in China:devil:
  6. :push: :roflmfao:
  7. if you are on the losing end of the debate you can always pull that one out.
  8. :p China does make tons of fake ones... :p
  9. i thought LV had 5 locations, USA, France, Italy, Spain and...Germany?
  10. There are two factories in Switzerland too but I am not sure if these two and the german ones make the purses.
  11. France, USA and Spain!

    Oh and Itlay
  12. I didnt know LV bags were made in Italy!! You learn sumthin new everyday!!

    USA, France, Spain, and I guess now Italy!! :nuts:
  13. I agree.

    Other countries:

    Shopping bags (and probably stickers, leather strings, tissue paper too): China

    Sunglasses case: Romania
  14. Definitely not China..even the fake ones wont claim that its made in China :smile:
  15. France, Spain, Italy and the US.