Need a product reccomendation

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  1. What should I use to clean the handles on my Ruby City? I want to remove some darkness but don't want to harm the color
  2. I don't think a product will remove the darkness but I noticed you are in NYC. Lovinmybags is in upstate NY and they do a fantastic job of cleaning handles. Their specialty is Balenciaga. Vist their webiste for a list of services and prices.
  3. I personally avoid DIY cleaning because most of my bags are bright and vibrant-colored (a lotta reds!) so I worry about the product changing the color. I would try getting it professionally done -- LMB has refurbished/cleaned a lot of bags and there are lots of threads here on PFers' experiences with them so maybe give them a try? I heard Jeeves does a good cleaning job as well, but I don't know that much about them.
  4. i tried baby wipes, apple garde leather conditioner, LMB luxury cleanser and cornstarch + baby shampoo combo. cornstarch + baby shampoo was the most effective in lightening the handles (do a search to find out more), the rest didnt work at all. the handles still do not look as good as new though... i think your best bet will be LMB.. :smile: