Need a primer on podium

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  1. I am new to the mechanics of podium and would like to know how this works. Also, if one has put in a request for the February podium, when does the verdict come in?
  2. Hermes SAs take requests for bags from their favorite customers all the time. Depending on your SA and your store, it could be a while before you get to this point or it could be instantly, on your first visit. One of my SAs whispered to me that she was taking my request when I was visiting her one day, looking at dresses. I had worked with her for about 5 months by this time. Another SA offered it to me when I called her thanking her for my first purchase from her, my black Kelly. I had worked with her for only one purchase at that point. The SAs at my store are careful to call them requests, and not orders, because there's no guarantee. Twice a year, in Feb. and July, the store managers take most of these requests to Podium, which is a days-long event in which the managers meet with the craftspeople to tell them about the requests. It's up in the air until that point. Certain colors or leathers are available, and others are not. The verdict comes in when the managers return to their stores. Usually, the SAs will contact their customers to let them know if their requests went through. Sometimes, they come back without a definite answer.

    If you want to make a very special request, like change the stitching color, that has to be done outside podium as a special order, and that takes much longer than it would if you do the standard stitching color and thru Podium.