Need a pretty bronze-y bag >

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  1. So why dont you get a Nikki? =)
  2. I was thinking the same thing...when I saw the thread title the first bag that popped into my head was the bronze Nikki!!
  3. I recall seeing a Tano hobo on the BG website that was a pretty bronze-y color
  4. why not get the nikki????????
  5. This was my other thought! It's a very pretty color, and at a lower price point.
  6. the Nikki is gorg but out of my price range at the moment ;(
  7. Also, if you have your heart set on the Nikki I would check ebay -- there are a few excellent professional RM sellers who offer great prices on current season items, like HauteChick1. I have dealt with her (as have many others) and I have never heard anything but positive comments.
  8. Nikki is nice.. so is Tano.. good choices!
  9. Glad you like the bag! I think it's very pretty, too!! And the price is fantastic.

    And your avatar is wonderful...RIP, MJ. :yes:
  10. yes the price is amazing ! very affordable for me, if it wasn't for you I wouldn't even know the bag existed :P :lol: that's why I love tpf ;)

    , and thank you for the avatar comment :smile:

  11. You're welcome!! I just did the same today -- I got a slammin bag on sale that I would never have even known about if it weren't for TPF!! :yahoo:

    (And my sister bought it too, ha ha).
  12. awww the tano's OOS now ;(