Need a practical Black bag under $300

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  1. Hi, please help me out here.
    I want a practical black bag that is not overpriced, maybe under 300.
    Something stuctured a bit, shoulder bag,with lots of pockets,for daily use that will hold a lot, and I like the soft leather ones.
    Any suggestions?
  2. Check out Tano bags on The Sexbomb fits your description, although the crunch leather is not super soft. It's not super stiff either.
  3. Thanks I will have a look
  4. Any other options? Help!
  5. The only brand I can think of that's under $300 is Coach.. thy have lovely black bags! Maybe you spend a bit more than the $300 and get yourself a Carly.
  6. If you have a Kate Spade outlet near you check it out. I have a perfect, simple black bag I got there. It's not too big, not too small, one wide, comfortable strap, beautiful soft leather, kind of gathered on each side. I think it was around 150.00 It is also my lightest-weight bag.
  7. If you can wait for a sale (there is one coming soon) Rebecca Minkoff. The Matinee has tons and tons of pockets, comfy on the shoulder and nice leather. The price is usually about 1/2 off retail, right about your price point. I have it in the midnight leather and it's a great leather w/ a slight glaze. They have a thicker, matte black that holds up great too, from what I can tell.
  8. ...or, Kenneth Cole New York or Michael Kors at an outlet near you. And I just thought of Cole Haan. Definitely very wonderful bags for the price.
  9. B.Makowsky:


    from A couple are a hair over $300.
  10. I was just at and I like the Furla Istanbul small shopper (it's a convertible, can go from handheld to shoulder) and interestingly a Kate Spade Emma Merrywood Shoulder bag. The former is $189 and the latter is $279. Don't know what it looks like inside for both...but it's a start!

    Pics from the site out...there's more!

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  11. Thanks all, I think I will wait for the RM sale as elizat mentioned, I have the RM MAM on the way, so I will see how that is for me
  12. I may have you covered. has some great black bags on sale -- Lockheart, Botkier and Bulga -- at great prices of under $300. Here are the pics and prices (I couldn't resist the Lockheart Rhapsody Keira, as I've been wanting a Lockheart).

    Botkier Medium Bianca -- $289.98


    Bulga Large Hobo -- 239.98


    Lockheart Penelope --$276.78


    Lockheart Rhapsody Keira -- $289.98

  13. Thanks!! I will check these right now! I hope they take international orders.
  14. I like that Botkier Bianca...although personally I prefer to large size. If you have TJ Maxx, Nordstrom Rack or Saks Off 5th near you, you may find something nice.
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