Need a poll, hurry

  1. I wanted a black city, but then when I get one from Balenciaga NY, I really don't like it that much. The leather is thick, but little to dry and shine.

    Anyway, to cut it short, since BalNY don't give refund, so I have to exchange to a different color. I need some suggestion, What do you think I should get?

    Here is what I already have:

    Ink city
    Mestic city
    Ocean blue city
    greige purse
    black Matelasse
  2. tomato?
  3. paprika? or violet?
  4. I would go for Ink or Ocean Blue City.
  5. I will vote for Violet, it is such a lovely color :yes::nuts:
  6. I am thinking about to get the tomato first, but then I have some money left since they don't offer refund. maybe get a coin purse? How much is the coin purse?
  7. tomato or violet. The coin purses are $285.
  8. Violet is out of option since the waitlist is so long, and I am not sure if I can get one. I am kind of debuting myself on the

    plomb city
    tomato city or first
    Marine first?

  9. Tomato First or a Plomb City. You can't go wrong with either.:tup:
  10. I would pick Marine (since my Marine City is gorgeous) but looking at what you have right now, I suggest Tomato.
  11. Is Plomb close to Ink?
  12. HmmM.. for an everyday bag...I'd say Marine or Plomb. Check out the leathers between both.. cause sometimes that can make or break your decision. good luck~!
  13. I like Tomato too. I used to have rouge vif, but sold it since it's kind of too bright for me. Is a tomato city would be too much of red? Or I should just get Tomato first, and then get a coin purse or something.
  14. Did you ask if she has another black city with better leather?
  15. Violet if possible!!! if not tomato