Need a Poll: Greige City or Greige Purse

  1. Ok, here is the story. I just ordered a greige purse from Aloha Rag, but my SA from the local store just called me said he just got a greige city for me.

    So, now I have one day to decide if I should get the greige purse or greige city. Come on, girls, help me to decide!
  2. PURSE because they are not making the style anymore:crybaby: and it is more unique - every balenciaga owner has a city not every balenciaga owner has a purse:smile:
  3. My vote goes to the city :smile:
  4. i'm with haute on this one:smile:
  5. it depends.........did you really want the city but settled for the purse because it's what was in stock right now? if so, cancel your order and get the city.

    If you like both styles equally then go for the purse since it's discontinued and you can get a city later in another color.

    HTH!!! Good luck!
  6. city

  7. I agree! I prefer the City for myself tho and I LOVE Griege!!
  8. my vote is for the purse, i love that style. and the color!! congrats either way:yahoo:
  9. I say the looks amazing in Greige on the City!!

    Either way.....your one lucky girl :smile:

    Let us know what you pick!
  10. ITA greige purse gets my vote.
  11. i gotta say greig city... oooo jus look so divine!
  12. Another PURSE vote....sounds so pretty.
  13. Thanks for all your replies. I was debating my self on the greige purse or a white city since I want a light natural color of bbag. I went to Shirise to see if they would have a white city for me to look at, but end of love the color of greige instead of white. Shirise only have a greige first, which looks very nice both in color and the softness of leather. The first is really too small for me, so I decide to get a either a purse style or city style. Now, I have the choice of both styles, that's the hard part.

    Anyway, I think I made my mind of getting the purse. Price wise it's only $1095 since I don't have to pay tax and shipping. The city will be $1195 + tax since it's local, and like what haute said, I can always get a city later on, and I might have more choice on the color for city.

    My greige purse in on my way now!!!!
  14. PURSE all the way baby! Wait a bit more and then everyone's gonna start scrambling for one coz they are discontinued....
  15. I say CITY, only because I'm not a big fan of the purse and because I have a griege city and LOVE LOVE LOVE it!