Need A Pick Me Up!

  1. Ladies, 9 months ago my husband and I were about to have our first getaway in 7 years and with our luck Hurricane Wilma came our way that same week. (We did not get that getaway!) Not only did it come our way, but it hit my neighborhood. :hysteric:

    I am now officially reporting that I am still battling my insurance co. and dealing with contractors. Today, I found out the damage will be a whopping $50K. I need a new roof, all screening, gutters, and a few window repairs. We already paid for our large shade trees to be removed and ground out. That was depressing and one reason our property was so gorgeous. :crybaby:

    I cannot believe what a slow process all of this is. So...I am in need of a pick me up!!!:girlsigh: :girlsigh: :girlsigh:

    Wanted: A fuscia Kelly, 32, palladium hardware, in chevre baby!!!:heart:

    So, if you see this bad bag I would appreciate a heads up. I am hearing this color is not made that much??? Any feedback on this one?

    I still want my illusive birkin, but a girl has to do what she has to do.

    Just sharing my day and my needs!!!
  2. keeping an eye out for you, KB!! Will you purchase from a re-seller??
  3. Big hugs Kellybag! I really feel for you and your family having to deal with all of that damage!

    You know I will keep my eyes and ears open for you! And will PM you the minute I find a fuschia chevre Kelly!!:love:

    BTW- does it matter if its souple or rigide?
  4. Oh Kellybag.....I'm so sorry. Let's see if we can find that bag for you, sweetie. Oh and while we're at it, a few questions:

    - Will you buy from a reseller?,
    - What is your elusive Birkin?

    You never know what we might run into first......

    and you certainly deserve an Hermes pick-me-up!!!!!
  5. Tomorrow I'll call my lovely SA and see what he's got on those shelves....if I remember correctly there was some color goin on last time I was there......
  6. I would prefer Souple on that Kelly, if I am allowed to be picky!

    Am I allowed to be???
  7. Of course you can be picky! And heck, after what you just went through, you shoud get your choice of hardware too!

    I will call Lisa at NM to see if there is anything she can do as well!

  8. Uh...yeah! You should have exactly what you want and nothing less!
  9. OK- we are all on a mission to find you this bag! We need to make Kellybag smile!!! And what can make a girl smile more than a gorgeous Fuschia Kelly! Or a birkin of course!!!

  10. Hey, I forgot to tell you about the mold problem I have in my master week we begin that one as well...HEY, can you find me a birkin too???

    You know this problem is going to be nasty!!! Gross!
  11. aww that's horrible... i am sorry that your dream vacation turned into a nightmare... :sad:
    i hope everything will turn out better for you soon... and at the end you'll have a nearly brand new house....
  12. OMG KB -- there is nothing worse than water damage and mold. Except for insurers that take your money for years and then take years to pay out claims....I can sympathize b/c I'm going thru a similar scenario. New England had 22 inches of rain this spring and my living room ceiling collapsed! Nothing quite like the smell of wet sheetrock! And my insurer is likewise dragging its feet.....

    I'll make sure to go into the Boston H store before the end of the week and speak with my SA about your "wishes" to see if we can cheer you up!!! Take good care - :flowers: :flowers: :flowers:
  13. So sorry you are going through that as well funnyredhead! That is awful! I really hope everything works out for you, and quickly! Big hugs!
  14. Thanks, Jag -- my issues don't sound nearly as bad as Kellybag's. At least it's contained to one room --
  15. Sorry to hear about your house,...but on a good note I have seen that kelly in the stores alot, in the last couple of months at least 2 in europe, and in N.Y. there was one on the shelf a few days ago, but I do not know if they ship. Have you ever bought anything there? if so they may ship. Good luck with house and bag:flowers: