Need a pic of your baby cabas on your shoulder!

  1. I'm like a woman obsessed tonight. I am trying to decide whether to go for this $2,000 bag that someone is willing to sell me, and I only saw a small picture of them wearing it. She is very short and stocky whereas I am tall and thin.. so I can't get a good grasp on how this bag will look on me. If you have the baby cabas, would you mind posting a good picture of you wearing it? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi,

    Here's me and my Khaki Baby Cabas. I'm 4'11" and 125 lbs:p

  3. Here's a pic w/my white and 2 pics of my khaki. I am 5'2 but I am wearing heels so in this pic I am 5'6.;)
    chanel 079.jpg
    chanel 117.jpg
    chanel 123.jpg
  4. Jenn,
    I just love your white baby!!!:love: :heart: :love:

    If something in white does not catch my eye in the S/S 2007 collection, I will be on a mission to find one likes yours. Of course violet flap still makes my heart skip a beat when I see your avatar:drool:
    It looks so hot on..I would LOVE to get this bag one day
  6. IF I were a shoulder bag kinda girl, that Khaki Baby Cabas would be so mine! :p
  7. I'm sorry to be asking this question in another thread, but I really hope you don't mind ;)

    Will the black Baby Cabas (that's the one without the big CC's and with quilting on the bottom, right?) be discontinued or will I be able to get a hold of it in the summer without paying 100's of $$ more on eBay?
  8. Thanks ladies, you are all the best! I went ahead and bought it. Bronze Baby Cabas is mine, yaaaay! My husband would freak out because I agreed to cut my spending after he bought me a larger diamond for my engagement ring... but I could just not resist, this bag is the bomb! I can't wait to get it.

    Azure, I called around to some Chanel boutiques and was told the bag is no longer being made. So unless they reissue it (Chanel says they won't, that they are all done with the Baby Cabas), I think your only hope is eBay . A few sellers on eBay who got their hands on them are selling them at a premium. Mine was $2,000 but that's ok because with tax I would have paid that much in the store. Also, if you go the ebay route, ask the seller for the name of their SA so you can verify authenticity. I am getting the receipt and authenticity cards, etc but still insisted on calling Chanel to speak directly with the person who sold the bag to my ebay seller.
  9. You ladies look adorable.
  10. Jenn.... from 5'2 to heels that make you 5'6???? girl I gotta see those heels!!

    Maybe I can go from 5 to 5'4? hhehehe...crazy!
  11. Thanks Dana! Hope I can get one on ebay when I can afford it then :yes:
  12. I want one too! You girls look fab!!!
  13. I want a cabas too. I need one. and can't find one.
  14. Thanks Penny:shame: I am also still lusting after your beauties as well. :love:
  15. Oh yes! My MINIMUM heel height is 3 inches, but most are between 3 to 4 inches. I can run in my heels!;)