Need a Photoshop Expert - Magenta silver vs gold!

  1. Hey,
    Anyone care to tackle photoshopping a Magenta City to show us how it would look w/both gold and silver GH?

    Here's some photos to use, possibly:

    Magenta City photos (take your pick):





    Silver GH:


    Gold GH:

  2. Here you go for the magenta with gold GH :graucho: Did it really quickly so it's not perfect but you get the idea right?

  3. Good job, percephonie!!!!! That looks freaking scrumptious!!!!! You even did the zipper, which makes a huge difference. :drool: :drool: :drool:
  4. Percephonie!! Thank you!!! You are amazing!! :yes: I think the GH is bigger in proportion to the bag IRL, but it definitely helps to see how the color combo works.
  5. No problem! ;) I'll do the silver now too.
  6. Percephonie, great job - for all of us who are imaginatively impaired, and that need the visual information, that photo is worth a thousand words!:girlsigh:
  7. Thanks percephonie Can you do with Silver GH as well??
    I'm dying to see silver GH:smile:
  8. Here is the silver...Not as pretty as the gold in my opinion...Sorry about the bad quality!!

    Oups let me repost it I forgot the buckles!
  9. :wtf: WOW Percephonie nice job. It looks perfect to me. I didn't think I would like it with GH but I do.
  10. O.k phew buckles are done lol!

  11. I know, I LOVE it with the gold GH! Really curious to see it in silver but I don't think I'll like it nearly as much.

    Oops, posted at the same time. Yeah, not liking it, however the silver in that original (black) pic was a photoshop job too, right?
  12. Wow percephonie - great job! Can I ask a favor? Can you go to the 'first look at plomb' thread and change the gold gh to silver? On the 3rd page of the thread I posted a pic on a white background. I clipped the purple to give a better look at the color. But I can't change the hardware! TIA!

    Here is a link to the thread:
  13. Based on these pics I would say I like the gold gh better than silver on magenta. I would never have thought I would like the magenta/gold combo better before I saw these.
  14. O.K will try to do that in a min :yes: Although I can't say it'll look perfect...I'm an Illustrator girl not Photoshop :sweatdrop:
  15. Great job. thank you. I don't care for the silver at all. I think silver looks best on blues, grays, black and white.