need a pair of comfy boots!

  1. okay.
    i need a pair of shoes for my trip to london. i was assuming boots would be best because of the weather. BUT, i can only take one pair (we're only taking one backpack each- yikes!), so they HAVE to be comfy.
    i still want them to be somewhat fashionable and something i'll wear outside of this trip.
    any ideas? (i have a preferable budget of under $200)
  2. I'm in the same boat as you -- looking for comfy yet stylish boots. I found this pair that I'm thinking of buying. They're by Dansko and people are saying teachers and people that work in hospitals love them (Dansko in general), so they must be comfy for walking around in. Let us know what you decide on.
  3. Which Dansko boots are you considering? The ones that the hospital workers wear have a very specific style ... they look very "cloggy." If you're looking at the more stylish Dansko boots, they may not have the same comfort level. Also, I get the impression Dansko's are more designed for standing around than they are for walking long distances....but I do wear mine day in, day out, and have walked a fur piece in them. ;)
  4. I had meant to post the link. These are the Dansko boots I'm considering:

    Dansko Ryan (Black Calf) - Dansko Women's Boots

    I may give them a try and I'll report back if I do.
  5. im not sure what type of boots you're referring to, but i find that nine west makes some really comfy boots that are also really cute, often much comfier than many higher end designer boots.
  6. all the nine west ones i've seen have heels...
    which i would normally LOVE, but not practical at this point...

    i may just resort to uggs. even though they make my feet look oddly misshapen.
  7. My favorite pair of "comfy" boots are a pair of airwalk faux suede boots I got from Payless. I got them last winter and the only problem I have had was the dirt that shows up so well on the tan color, but shout wipes work wonders to get that out. I could wear these boot for a week straight and never have a problem with my feet. Not sure if this is what you are looking for, but worth a try.

    If this link brings you to the front page, the lot # is 048579

    Payless ShoeSource
  8. you know, i've looked at every possible pair of practical boots and my faves are on the payless site. how weird.
    looking at the airwalk "mountain" boots in black. can't beat 'em for $30!
    hmm. may have to take a trip to payless tomorrow!
  9. got me some payless shoes today!
    hehe. doesn't take much to excite me!
  10. Got to love Payless....or should I say the price! Its the small things in life that make us so happy! Plus the real bonus is if you buy too many souvenirs on your trip and need some more packing room, you can just leave them behind without the guilt! Have fun!
  11. I love my prestigious Totes double zipper ones. Waterproof, comfortable, classic, simple lines...

    They are expensive, though. $25 at Burlington Coat Factory.
  12. Did you leave off a digit in that price? ;)
  13. Nope. Please refer to sig :supacool:
  14. kallison~

    I know you have already found the boots you were looking for, but may I suggest that for your trip to London you consider opting for leather (not suede) and a slight wedge heel?

    There are many water repellent leather boots out there that will hold up considerably better against the weather in London than suede boots. A wedge heel of some sort will keep your feet out of the water and will keep your pants from dragging through the water, as well. Also, a slight heel is considerably more comfortable for long days on your feet than flats.

    Just my 2 cents.
  15. hmm...
    it just seems a wedge might not be as comfy? and i can't seem to find any boots with only a slight wedge...well, within my price range.
    at $30, i'm not all that concerned with them lasting. as long as my feet stay dry, i don't care...and i wouldn't see why these wouldn't..
    but i guess i can keep looking.