need a nice white bag???...

  1. Is the mini lin dune color something that would serve this function?
  2. Personally I like the Suhali Lockit in white. It comes in 3 sizes - PM, MM and GM. Do you prefer monograms?

    To ans. your orig. question - yes, I would consider the mini lin dune a white bag. You can carry it all seasons as it is not start white IMO.

  3. it depends what's the reason?

    I'd also look at suhali or epi ivorie
  4. don't forget Vernis in Perle! :biggrin:
  5. ^ good point
  6. I prefer white MC or azur for a "white" bag.
  7. i'd definitely go with either the suhali or epi ivorie (like what Label Addict said :biggrin:) the mini dune is a little off white if you ask me.
  8. MC and Azur for me ! :wlae:
  9. I'd get something in Ivorie Epi or white Suhali. My white bag isn't LV, actually, it's the Chanel GST.
  10. mc white or epi ivorie
  11. it really depends on what type of use you are looking for. will this be a type of everyday bag? the epi is really easy to maintain and dirt cleans right off. are you looking for an easy over the shoulder type of bag. because i really like the lockit or jasmin, but they're arm bags, not shoulder bags. i also LOVE LOVE LOVE suhali. but they're very elegant, and i don't feel i can pull them off even with casual outfits. i saw them last weekend at LV, soooo gorgeous!
  12. I think the epi ivory is a great choice too, or the most obvious white MC!
  13. Epi ivoire or MC white gets my vote. Mini Lin dune is nice but coz its fabric, it will be hard to maintain dirts.
  14. Epi ivoire!:tup: