Need a nice watch...advice appreciated!


Apr 22, 2006
So I am tired of my current watch which is just a citizen Eco-Drive, nothing fancy. It's great that it's so low-maintenance, but the face is scratched and it's just a bit too small for me. I have narrowed it down to the following details that I want:
-Material: either white gold, SS or two-tone
-Shape: mid-size rectangular face. I am not a huge fan of round faces only because that's all I wore growing up! I do like styles like the Roadster where it's sort of a hybrid between round and rectangular.
-Diamonds: never hurt but not a necessity
-Must be waterproof so I can swim with it. Truly waterproof, not just when hand-washing, etc.
-Scratch-resistant face for sure!
-Not a fan of "woven"-looking bands
-Brand: not overly picky but I have been eyeing B&M, Cartier (I used to have a Cartier so I don't mind smething new), and browsing others.
Here are ones I like- any input would be great! Or other suggestions? I am a bit lost! Resale value is a factor as well as I like to know I can update it in a few years and not sell it for a fraction of what I paid.

B&M pink Dial:

Cartier two-tone Tank Francaise:

B&M two-tone:

B&M same but w/diamonds:

Cartier limited edition Roadster: