Need a new wardrobe, Sales coming up?

  1. Well, i dont know how else to say this, lol, but a week ago i got a little augmentation (boobies);). So now i need to go shopping to get all new clothes. I was wondering if anyone knows of any good sales coming up at Saks or Nordstroms. Not many boutiques around here, so that is the 2 best places to shop around here. ~Thanks~
  2. You should probably wait until the swelling goes down to purchase a whole new wardrobe since you won't know your true size until then. But check in the Deals & Steals forum for the sales.

    *Congrats on your new babies :flowers:
  3. Yeah, that is true. Im not too swollen because of the way he does everything. I was thinking by the end of week 2 or 3 i would be able to tell. Thanks for the congrats ;)

    And thanks, i will look in the deals and steals section.
  4. Nordstrom's half-yearly sale starts November 7th!
  5. CRUSH Congrats on your new additions!!! :yahoo:

    After I got mine I was dying to go shopping but waited a full month... 2 weeks really made the difference! But if you can't wait, just shop the size you are currently at, you could always return or get them taken in.

    Just Like LPearl mentioned Saks starts this Wednesday!! GOOD LUCK!!!:p
  6. for everyday casuals and nice loungewear and flannel bottoms the, i also order a lot from banana republics sale area. gap is having 30% f & f discount middle of this month, and br is having their 30 off around nov. 29.
  7. After thanksgiving sales are always great.