Need a new wallet!

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  1. Hello all!
    The zipper on my LV wallet is busted :sad:
    Need opinions on what I should buy next.
    My current collection of bags consist of Kooba, LV and Balenciaga.
    Any suggestions?
    Thanks in advance!
  2. Have you checked out BV? They have some lovely wallets. :yes:
  3. I honestly think my MJ Zip clutch is the best functioning wallet I've ever had.
  4. I know you would probably rather have a new wallet, but did you try taking the broken LV wallet to an LV store and getting a repair estimate? If you really love the LV wallet, you might want to consider that instead.
  5. I would LOVE to get another wallet but my LV wallet is fab. I would hate to put it away after spending so much. But if I had to get another wallet I would def. get the MJ zip clutch in the quilted leather.
  6. which LV wallet did you have? I just got the LV zippy wallet and I just love it! its got so many compartments for all your stuff, credit cards, separate zipped coin purse. And its a long one so your money doesnt fold and the notes stay clean and crisp.
  7. I was looking for a zippy wallet for the longest time and really wanted a Chanel to match my bag but was unable to find one. I considered LV, but eventually decided on a Prada long black saffiano zippy wallet. The Prada boutiques carry the zippy wallets in beautiful jewel tones (ie: purple, navy, dark green) but I found the same wallet in black on Bluefly for $100 less. I purchased the wallet with an additional 10% off code, was not charged tax and paid only $7.95 for shipping. The total price was about $285 and I am very satisfied with my purchase! :tup:
  8. I have a balenciaga mini-compagnon and I adore it. It shocked me-but i've found it to be the perfect wallet size for me.