Need a new wallet... which one?

  1. Okay ladies, I'm in need of a new wallet and received a Gucci one today that I ordered. But I'm not crazy about it. I need a checkbook style wallet with a place to hold coins. Neutral color(s)... Thanks! Any suggestions?
  2. Hi! You may want to check out Bottega Veneta continental wallets for me, they're simple & classy which also comes in neutral colors. Of course, there's the Chloe Paddington continental wallets which I really love.

  3. Poesis Billie Check  Clutch ebags.jpg
  4. How about these?

    Lodis checkbook clutch - Indochine

    Lodis checkbook clutch - New Day

    Lodis checkbook clutch - mosaic
    Lodis checkbook clutch indochine.jpg Lodis checkbook clutch New Day.jpg Lodis checkbook clutch mosaic.jpg
  5. my only suggestion for wallet is an LV porte tresor
    it can contains check book, coins, lots of cards and even got a small pen holder