Need a new wallet and considering a few things ... your thoughts?

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  1. Hello everyone! I'm deciding between a compact silk'in or both a Bastia and a Calvi. Seems like it makes the most sense to do the silk'in because I can have coins and credit cards in one. Then again, everyone seems to love their Bastias and Calvis. Thanks in advance for your input :idea:
  2. I would go for the compact Silk'in.
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  3. Silk in for exactly this!
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  4. I actually had been debating the same issue for months! I decided for the Silkin and will get a calvi to put my Id and most used cards in the calvi. Then I can pop the calvi in and out of the Silkin...hope that helps!
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  5. I found compact silk'in can't hold many coins if card slots are full, so I have a Bastia too.
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  6. Thanks leuleu!

    Thanks GNIPPOHS!

    Good idea, thank you LoveEmAll!

    Thanks for mentioning this cvw1004, I was actually wondering about the coin pocket. This helps!
  7. Silkin too
  8. Thank you bagidiotic! Going to the boutique later on this afternoon, they have three colors to choose from :graucho:
  9. All the best
    Why only 3
    And not 4
    Spring summer autumn winter
    Problem all solved haha
  10. Your posts always make me smile, thanks so much bagidiotic!
  11. Flowers hugs and kisses
    I get commented that i was aggressive lol
    Oh well
  12. Hopefully your sa will bomb you with more unexpected surprises too
    Have fun
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  13. I have a compact silk'in and I just love it!!!! It fits in all of my bags, including my Constance Elan, and it holds all of my cards, cash and coins. When the coin compartment gets too full, I just empty the coins out (otherwise it's a bit of a struggle to zip the wallet closed). Hope they have some colors you love!
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  14. A vote for Silkin, too!
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  15. What I should also have said was mine's Barenia and so is my Bastia - made the decision an easy one!
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