Need a new tote - help me decide please!

  1. [​IMG]
    This is the Marc by Marc Jacobs DR Q tote - also has a smaller size in chocolate
    Or Coach Gallery tote was thinking red....

    I know they are both pretty basic but that's all I need & need skinny handles. Anyone own these? Which do you prefer? I can not decide.....both around same price. Thanks!!
  2. I don't own either, but I love MbyMJ leather! I've seen several of the Dr. Q totes on campus and they always catch my eye. I like this size--the smaller size looks disproportionate:shrugs:
  3. That Coach is adorable! What are the dimensions?
  4. The marc Jacobs is the best. To many people wear coach in my opinion. The color of the Marc Jacobs is aweasome. Their both nice bags but the Marc Jacobs looks more classier to me. Its your choice either one will work.
  5. coach. i like the handle.
  6. I like the Coach better..lots of nice hardware! Go for it!
  7. I like the coach...but I may be a lil biased. Anyway I think it's adorable!
  8. Mj!
  9. I love the Coach!
  10. Normally I love MJ, but I'm gonna have to vote for the Coach. :yes:
  11. I like the MJ better, the coach looks too formal for me.
  12. I would say the Coach...but both are really cute!!
  13. the handles on the coach tote look classier.
  14. Marc by Marc Jacobs all the way!
  15. This is a pix of the smaller Marc Jacobs tote - the other one is probably too big for me - I'm 5'2 and don't carry that much stuff... it's only avail in chocolate.