Need a new style, help me decide

  1. I'm definitely a city girl. I have mostly cities, a box, and the first is just too small for me (about 5"10). So, I'm looking for a new style. I really like the day but, there are SO many styles, I just don't know what to pick? :confused1:

  2. i would say a weekender :p
    but it's the same style as cities, only bigger, and yummier :yes:
    so, how about hobo or courier?
    it would make a great change from your shoulder bags
  3. I know...I feel like there is always something I want.
  4. What about a work? It's like a city, but bigger.
  5. I LOVE my day - I recommend that!
  6. :heart: :heart: works!
  7. Work!
  8. Deciding on the right style/color combination is the hardest thing about B-bags. Then, on top of that, once you decide that, you have to find one with nice leather that you like. I think the purse is really nice. I am really disappointed that they are discontinuing this style.

    For me, it also depends on the color, too. When I get something brown, I want a city because I think that style is more casual. But when I get something in a softer color or a bright color, I want something else. What are you going to use it for?
  9. Go for the day! or the mini bowling - Its still structured and its about the same size as a city overall.
  10. I vote for a work!!!!
  11. Mid Afternoon? Oval Clutch (I've just discovered these, and if you haven't seen one IRL, you should try -- LOVE THEM!)?
  12. work or brief?
  13. Work, Brief or Day, and not necessarily in that order. You've got the height to carry off the bigger Bbags. Do let us know what you decide to get AND in which color... :smile:
  14. Ok, I've think I've narrowed down to day, work, or weekender. hehe :yes:
    I defintely, like the oval cluthes! Have to get one of those also!! Gosh so many choices!!

    Highgloss did you receive your clutch yet? please post pics! I love INK!!
  15. Day or the New Flat messenger !!!